Investing Systems, Inc. – in business since 1998, develops software and provides services for daytraders, swingtraders and stock investors.Our Research Lab is the culmination of over 10 years of work. Our trading service will provide you with the stock picks, trade setups, and strategies to be successful in today’s market.
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The Research Lab provides actionable trades everyday. It is the perfect set of decision support “tools” for active traders and investors. From day trading, swing-trading and position trading, to long-term investing, our Research Lab is an unconventional and inexpensive software program designed to give you a systematic and profitable trading strategy.


The Research Lab is a data-driven membership website.

We have just introduced the brand-new, state-of-the-art version of the Research Lab
Lots of new features and a new interface.

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Our Secret? – Trading From the Open…

We have one of the most unique pre-programmed stock scanners anywhere because we start each day from the OPEN PRICE. We scan for stocks moving up from today’s market open, without regard to yesterdays close. We eliminate the noise that comes from the gaps and identify stocks that you can buy today and make money trading today.

Our Live Grid runs multiple real-time scans to identify today’s “Stocks on the Move”. Every single trading day it provides the best computer-generated stock picks on planet earth.


The Investing Systems Research Lab is a real-time suite of professional tools for every stock trader. Regardless of whether you are a daytrader, swingtrader or long-term investor, the Research Lab will prove to be worth 10x the price if you have money in the market.


Everything you see on this website is included in your Membership…


Here are a few features in the Research Lab:

  The Live Grid picks stocks Every Day in Real-Time from multiple scans

  Trade Plans are fully laid out swing-trades with entry, stop and targets

  Our members Blog and Live Shows put your finger of the pulse of the market

  The Strategy Room  provides in-depth technical analysis trading videos

  Our “Magic Moving Averages” will change the way you trade forever

Here Are A Couple of the Main Sections in the Research Lab:


Real-Time Pre-Programmed Stock Scans…

Momentum – Alpha – Low Priced – Breakouts

Each Day we have a list of Momentum stocks, Alpha stocks, Earnings Winners, Breakout Picks and my personal favorite, The Low Priced Picks presented on one screen called the Live Grid


Swing Trade Plans With Email Alerts…

Actionable and Accurate Trades

Complete high-probability swing trade set-ups with EXACT entry price, stop-loss and targets. We send email alerts on the swing trades with the details of the trade and a link to the marked-up chart. The swing trades alone will pay for the service, many times over.



I know what you’re wondering.

What is your Track Record?

We have what we call the “official” Swing Trades…

Where we send you an email alert…

With the EXACT Entry price, Stop-Loss and Target.

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